Organ Donation

Contrary to many other states, Germany has an organ donation system, that requires that people actively agree to become donors. Due to a lack of infor­mation and access to the donor cards, the number of donors remains small. We dev­eloped an infor­mation system that could clear up about the process and back­ground of organ dona­tion, as well as provide direct access to the cards.


The exhibit is made up of three main compo­­nents: A touchscreen, the donor cards themselves and four physical cards, that each address one major topic sur­rounding organ donation and will be used as input devices.

Four main areas

As mentioned before the exhibit addresses four main topics: Historical Back­­ground, the process of a donation, the options the donor card itself offers and organs that can be donated. Addres­­sing past scandals and the fear of not knowing what is going on¹ if you decide to donate should help peo­ple get a better under­stan­ding of what it means to be a donor. 


Kai Wanschura

Johanna Wellnitz


2nd Semester

HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd


Fabian Schröbel