Openmoji is a growing, open-sourced library of more than 3000 emojis that can be used and modi­fied freely. It pro­vides a styleguide that anyone can use to con­tri­bute to the project.


Currently, there are few complete¹ emoji sets, and most of them come from a corporate back­ground². Openmoji aims to provide an alter­native, that comes from another back­ground. It initi­ally started as a students pro­ject with a group of about 20 students, of which I was a part. After the early stages, when everyone indivi­dually de­signed small icon sets, we later split into different groups to work on the unified emoji set.

The Styleguide Group

As part of the working group res­­ponsible for dev­eloping a uni­ver­sal style­­guide, we went through mul­tiple itera­­tions—refining the level of detail, the style­guide needed to provide, defining Do’s and Dont’s and setting up formal sub­mission guides.
We were dev­eloping the style­guide with everyone already working on dif­ferent parts of the emoji set. This put us in the posi­tion, where we would check back with the rest of the students, giving feed­back on the current state of their icons. Simul­taneously we would figure out where we needed to be more precise or where people were ignoring the style­guide because it was too detailed.


You can find an up-to-date list of all contributors on the official openmoji website


4th Semester

Icon Design

HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

Personal Role


Icon Design


Prof. Benedikt Gross

Prof. Daniel Utz