Experiments and unfinished work


This is a collection of excerpts from old work that I still really like and projects I work on at the side.


I see this as a combination of an archive and a scratchpad. I likely won’t update it very often, though.

Book list

As a bookworm and record-keeping-nerd, one of my slowly progressing side projects is to build a little app to track the books, articles and papers I’m reading. While that’s a work in progress, I made a little virtual bookshelf with a selection of books from my favorite topics.

Color palettes

When I’m bored I create abstract drawings with playful color palettes. Every once In a while I also try to write GLSL Shaders. These are experiments from my most recent attempt.

Abstract generated color painting
Abstract generated color painting

Pixel icons

Back in 2017, I was part of the group of students that started the Openmoji project. An early exercise included designing a set of pixel icons (first), going through a few different variations (second).