I’m a Digital Product Designer spe­cialised in Human Cen­tered Design and Inter­action Design. Currently, I work at Pitch in Berlin.

I care about design­ing ethically—in respect of the people and the envi­ron­ment affected by my work. On a more prac­tical side, I am curious to get a better under­standing of the code¹ that turns the concepts we designers come up with into usable software.


2019-ongoing / Product Designer at Pitch

2018-19 / Freelancing at Interaktionswerk

Mar-Aug 2018 / interaction design internship at Interaktionswerk

2018 / Freelancing at Engenhart

Studies at HfG Gmünd

2016-2019 / Bachelor in Interaction Design

2018 / Giving a Workshop for future students

2017 / Tutor for Framer (Classic)


2019 / walk (B.A.) at Push Conference exhibition

2019 / Presenting Summit at Figma

2019 / Presenting Summit at Pitch

2018 / Design Tools Hackathon, WIX Office, Tel Aviv

2018 / HPI hackathon

2018 / OpenMoji at see conference students exhibition

2018 / OpenMoji got featured in PAGE magazine