Hello, I’m Johanna Wellnitz. I’m an Interaction Designer and student at HfG Gmünd.

I enjoy to work on concepts and interfaces for improving todays’ software. I believe in the benefit and the responsible use of technology and I think that design—in collaboration with other disciplines—has the ability to improve the way we make use of technology.

Currently, I’m working on my Bachelors’ Thesis about inspiration and diversity on the Internet with Kai Wanschura.
I spent half a year as an Interaction Design intern working on expert systems and UIs and have been freelancing until the start of my Bachelor. In my fourth semester, I worked as a Tutor, teaching other students how to use the Prototyping Tool Framer. Together with Kai, I gave a workshop on Interaction and UX Design for prospective students, realising how much I enjoy to share my passion for design. We recently worked on a concept for a presentation tool, focussing on a presentation’s preparation, outline and design—summitapp.info.
Alongside my studies I like to play around with code and data visualisation, design icons and draw.